Accepted Papers


Robin Brouwer and Kieran Conboy A Theoretical Perspective on the Inner workings of Gamification in the Workplace
Md Sanaul Haque, Timo Jämsä and Maarit Kangas A Theory-Driven System Model to Promote Physical Activity in the Working Environment with a Persuasive and Gamified Application
Sami Hyrynsalmi, Kai Kimppa, Jani Koskinen, Jouni Smed and Sonja Hyrynsalmi The Shades of Grey: Datenherrschaft in Data-Driven Gamification
Michael Meder, Till Plumbaum and Sahin Albayrak A Primer on Data Driven Gamification Design
Marigo Raftopoulos Data-Driven Gamification Design: An Enterprise Systems Perspective from the Front Line
Dorina Rajanen and Mikko Rajanen Personalized Gamification: A Model for Play Data Profiling

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